New Orleans Feeding the Needy Outreach Ministry
"Bringing hope to the Hopeless, Blessing them with a Blanket."
Strength, Courage, Restoration,
and Hope
It is our Mission to administer to the needs of others, bringing Strength, Courage, Restoration, and Hope to the Hopeless. To assure them they can Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb.
Over 20 years of Dedicated Service
Mentored in their Christian life, and to provide a place for them.....
Fulfilling the mandate of Jesus. To go therefore to all Nations, Highways and Byways, compelling that Men (ALL) will come unto thee. To be Mentored in their Christian life,
and to provide a place for them to connect and cultivate Christian fellowship. Therefore,
if anyone be in Christ, He is a NEW CREATION, old things have passed away, behold ALL things have become new. II Corinthians 5:17
Nobody Wants to be Homeless
"For 13 years I was homeless and hungry. I know firsthand what people on the streets suffer. Nobody wants to be homeless; they just get caught up in a lot circumstances. " ~Elder Linda Triggs, Founder
I lived in hotels,  with strangers, and on occassion with family members. I was too ashamed of myself to let my family see me that way. When I learned about the Lord, I used to wake up every morning and pray, "Lord have mercy on me!" And one day he did!
Every Third Saturday
Feeding the Needy Outreach Ministry feed 250 to 300 homeless people who visit the New Orleans Mission at 1130 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. in New Orleans, LA.
  1. In the Beginning
    Elder Triggs started out in her kitchen preparing meals for people in Avondale, Beechgrove, Algiers, Harvey, and on Acre Road in Marrero. Hot meals were delivered in her car. That was her Mission.
  2. New Orleans Mission
    Elder Triggs received an invitation from John Procter of the New Orleans Mission homeless shelter to serve people. She served food purchased with her own money and donations. Each Third Saturday of the month at the New Orleans Mission, the Feeding the Needy Outreach team set up food at 5pm, have prayer, worship, and provide a message with a meal.
  3. For the Future
    Feeding the Needy Outreach Ministry also works at the Gretna Community Center where we help with food distribution and providing help to the less fortunate.
Linda Triggs, New Orleans Feeding the Needy Outreach Ministry
Marrero resident Linda Triggs received an Outstanding Community Service award at the Jefferson Parish Martin Luther King Task Force's 28th Annual Banquet
“People may say, "Linda, it's raining out there!" My response, "So What, You go to work when it's raining don't you?" It's been 20 years now and I have been helping the homeless since I have been able.”
This award was presented by Task Force Co-Founder
Clara T. Byes.
The honor was bestowed in recognition of the National Day of Service Day Initiative and the task force's theme, "Rise Up: Restore the Dream" and the request for "Each One Can Help One" on February 11, 2015.
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